Upon investigation and verification of the information provided, BPM will make a recommendation regarding an approval or denial of residency. In the event that a majority, but not all of the residency requirements are met, an approval conditioned upon any or all of the following may be made: (a) first and last month’s rent, (b) qualified roommate, (c) Co-Signer Agreement (Co-signers must be approved unconditionally to qualify), and/or (d) additional security deposit.

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Applicant Information
Residents Under 18 Years
Vehicle Information
Personal Information
Current Residence Information
Past Residence Information
Current Employment Information
Previous Employment Information
Credit Information
Acknowledgement and Consent

I agree to pay BPM, LLC an application screening charge in the amount of $40.00 which is earned upon the submission and receipt of this application. I understand I acquire no rights to the above property until I sign a rental agreement and submit a security deposit in the amount required. The printable confirmation page will serve as a receipt of payment for the screening charge collected. I authorize and direct BPM, LLC to obtain such credit reports, character reports and/or criminal reports, verification of rental and employment history as it deems necessary to verify all information set forth in the above application. I further understand that false, fraudulent misleading or incomplete information may be grounds for denial of tenancy or subsequent eviction. There are no other agreements express or implied between the parties.

In accordance with State and Federal laws, you are hereby notified that an investigation may be made of the information you provided on this applition together with information as to your character, general reputation, personal characteristics, and mode of living. You have the right to dispute the accuracy of information obtained form the entities you have disclosed above, and, upon written request, the right to complete and accurate disclosure of the scope pf this investigation and/or a written summary of your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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